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Totally Tut ™ Math Operations Pyramid Game

  • Board Game
  • Educational Skills

Price: $17.95

Ages: 6 - 12

Phone: 888-800-7893

This is an exciting new game that kids can use to play math games by using ancient pharaohs and pyramids. It’s a whole new way to learn basic skills. It combines basic math operations with order of operations practice. The players trek their way across the rows of pyramids using numbers and operational triangles to create and solve math problems. The first one to reach the top of the pyramid wins. It is not simple. You can steal and swap number triangles to complete your own pyramid. Totally Tut is best played with two to four players. The game board is colorful, with four pyramids and a built-in spinner. Other products that are available through Learning Resources include “Magnetic Time Teacher.” The magnetic board offers a clock face and shows the sequence of events for the child’s day and Gearbotics Sonic Insect. There are 117 color-coded pieces that include motor wood sounds, gears, and connectors that can be used with the Gears building sets that we reviewed previously. There is also a Gearbotics Sonic Robot. These all combine with the building sets to add additional fun.

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