Best 100 Toys 2000

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Lee Middleton Original Doll

Small Wonder Play Baby

  • Doll
  • Educational Skills
  • Fantasy Play
  • Toy

Price: $49.95

Ages: 3 - 5

Phone: 800-242-3285

A beautiful, realistic, high-quality doll. There are four different versions of the doll: a blond boy, a girl with brown hair, a girl with black hair, and a girl with blond hair. The baby doll is soft, with vinyl skin and realistic hair, it weighs two pounds, and it is dressed in a pink or blue sleeper with a matching cap. Your child will enjoy playing with this baby doll. It is huggable with squeezable, poseable arms and legs and molded hands and feet. This doll is especially important if you are expecting a new baby. The older child can now have a special baby to nurture. This reduces stress for the child and helps to strengthen bonding and emotional expression. This doll will be a treasured playmate for your child.

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