Best 100 Toys 2000

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Lolo Company

Don't Make Me Laugh Jr.

  • Board Game
  • Creative Product
  • Educational Skills

Price: $21.95

Ages: 3 - 12

Phone: 800-760-9930

An innovative and creative game which stimulates improvisation and allows children and adults to play together. This is a game whixh will help your child develop self-confidence. Laughter is also part of playing this game. Players start at “Chuckle” and race to be the first one to get the biggest laugh. The cards ask players to perform funny improvisations. Pretend you are a sprinkler, or imitate your favorite teacher, or do a hula dance. These are a few examples of the fun, there are plenty more. The opportunity to play against a timer gives added excitement. Don’t Make Me Laugh, Jr. builds self-confidence in performing in front of other people, and it is a great way to get a group of children involved. The game is well designed, with colorful characters and graphics. This is an activity which everyone in the family can enjoy.

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