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TMH™ SpeedWrench™

  • Toy

Price: $59.99

Ages: 5 - 10

Phone: 800-524-8697

Your child will imagine working on a racetrack pit stop with a radio-control racing truck that has speed and power. There is a revolutionary speed wrench controller that lets him change the look and performance of the vehicle. On the track, the SpeedWrench vehicle is very fast, with racing tires that can handle the speed. He can turn the truck into a dragster by putting big wheels on the back and small wheels on the front. For off-road driving he can create a bigger, more brawny look with four all-terrain wheels. The transmission actually shifts gears for power over hills and obstacles. There is over 30 minutes time on the power system that operates on the TMH FlexPak re-chargeable battery and 4 AA batteries.

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