Best 100 Toys 2000

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MGA Entertainment

My Dream Baby

  • Doll
  • Fantasy Play
  • Social Responsibility

Price: $99.99

Ages: 4 - 7

Phone: 800-222-4685

This innovative baby doll grows from infant to toddler both physically and emotionally. She learns to crawl and walk. She goes from infant to toddler and speaks, sings, learns the A, B, Cís and numbers, and plays games. As she physically grows, her voice recognition technology is interactive and recognizes activities such as feeding and playtime. As a toddler, she can walk and has an over 500-word vocabulary. When you want to experience growing all over again, you can re-set her back to the infant stage. Different My Dream Babies have unique hair and eye colors, skin tones, ethnic differences, hairstyles and fashions. They grow at different rates and sizes. Each doll comes with a five-piece fashion ensemble, a soft carrier, and feeding accessories. Dream Baby enters the world as a newborn. When you wake her up, she coos or giggles or cries. You need to learn what she wants. You can change her diaper and she will coo again. This doll is wonderful for emotional and social development. She needs three C cell batteries and one 9-volt battery.

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