Best 100 Toys 2000

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Parallel Universe Corp.

Large Barn Pattern

  • Construction
  • Creative Product
  • Fantasy Play
  • Social Responsibility

Price: $12.00

Ages: 1 - 12

Phone: 888-877-5556

This pattern lets children and their parents or teachers transform discarded cardboard boxes into a large barn. The construction is simple and fun: lay the full size tissue paper pattern over the cardboard, trace, cut out and assemble the barn. Clear instructions are included in English, French, Spanish and German. Painting and decorating the barn is unique every time, stretching everyone's imagination. The completed barn gives children months of imaginative play. In your home it is like a playhouse, full of creative possibilities. Teachers and homeschoolers will find it wonderful for children's theater sets, activity centers or theme development projects. Because of its large size, the barn is particularly suitable for groups of children, both when building and when playing. Recycling of cardboard into children’s toys, what a perfect way to foster an environmental awareness in children and their parents. Parallel Universe has many similar patterns available for recycled cardboard toys including the previous Dr. Toy award winning castle pattern.

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