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Radica USA

Play TV Baseball

  • Active
  • Fantasy Play
  • Video Game

Price: $49.99

Ages: 8 - 12

Phone: 800-803-9611

This children’s device allows electronic gaming with three TV games: baseball, ping-pong and Opus. It plugs directly into your TV or VCR. The circuit is designed for high quality graphics and sound on the TV set. It allows game devices to connect directly to the television. It has a lot of great possibilities. Radica Play TV Baseball is like playing a real baseball game: you select your pitch, and you control the ball all the way to the catcher’s mitt. You have the experience of stepping up to the plate and swinging. The real action of throwing and batting sets this game apart from anything else. It can be played with one or two people. The other games that are available include a version of ping-pong that allows player interaction. These games are great anytime, but are particularly fun during bad weather. They will make an interesting, entertaining time.

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