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Small Fry Productions

Bilingual Baby

  • Educational Skills
  • Video

Price: $16.95

Ages: 1 - 5

Phone: 800-521-5311

This is an exciting new form of teaching your child other languages. There are over 60 words and phrases in each video. There’s classical music and an immersion process that allows your child to learn 12 different languages, including French, Spanish, German and Italian. “Total immersion” is a new concept. There are the words and the primary language, the English translation, plus pictures that will help to reinforce the understanding of the words. Young children can learn other languages, if given an opportunity. This is a method that can assist your child to learn a second language. It provides additional enrichment in their development. The child will see familiar objects, and the 12-volume video series exposes children to the world of language. Native speakers introduce each language in a video that includes animals, children, objects, and music. Each video teaches over 60 words and phrases.

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