Best 100 Toys 2000

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Snubelgrass Interactive

Snubelgrass Egg

  • Active
  • Creative Product
  • Fantasy Play
  • Toy

Price: $14.99

Ages: 4 - 10

Phone: 212-590-2441

This is an innovative product. The egg responds by a soft sound and it glows with different light signals as baby Snubelgrass develops. The child takes care of the egg by keeping it warm and safe. When the egg is ready to hatch, the child must hold the egg between the palms and hug it, activating sensors. The sounds and lights change and the shell springs open. Baby Snubelgrass is born. There is a 24-hour hatching period. Then the egg can be reset for any time. The actual hatching requires a hug from the child. There is a hatching certificate and genetic code provided. It requires two AAA batteries. The web site will provide additional information. There is also Mr. and Mrs. Snubelgrass, sold separately, and a book that tells the story of the origins of the Snubelgrass family and how their adventures started. Snubelgrass is a magical bird-like creature that came to Earth from the 8-cornered star. The father, mother, two babies and two eggs are available in a variety of colors. There are numerous collectible baby Snubelgrasses with various colors.

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