Vacation Products 2001

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  • Board Game
  • Educational Skills Product
Ages: 6-12

Price: $15.00

Phone: 716-662-7794 Peopling

This is a fun sports and technology game. Players compete to win a battle for a sporting event using robotic talent. The game follows some basic rules using pawns and rolling dice. Not only are there basic moves, but you also observe the way others play. You have to learn to communicate feelings with few or no words, and transfer data. The object is to be the first to occupy the central goal line with your four forms. Follow the rules, move the pawns from start to goal by rolling the dice, sensing the situation, decide which pawn to move, and reduce the differences. Continue to roll the dice, moving the pawns until you roll a six on either die, and then stop to give your opponent a turn. Variations offer soccer, baseball, tennis, golf and other creative options.

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