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LEGO Software

The Brickster's Revenge in Game Boy Color

  • Electronic
  • Travel
Ages: 6-12

Price: $29.99

Phone: 800-453-4652

LEGO Software The Brickster's Revenge in Game Boy Color

This sequel provides adventure from the original Lego Island and takes the concept further into an action-packed adventure full of challenges. It begins by players going around the island as Pepper, delivering pizzas, and chatting with other characters. The story then becomes a wild adventure of racing, chasing, and island hopping with exciting new worlds, and demanding challenges. In order to stop Brickster and rebuild Lego Island, Pepper must piece together the Constructopedia and complete challenges along the way. Players control a variety of amazing vehicles to navigate the action such as sea diving, flying, or even riding on a pterodactyl. Talking to the many friendly LEGO fitres are part of the action and add to the fun. This is a real value, fun and provides children with safe yet thrilling adventure.

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