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Mrs. Grossman's

Travel Portable

  • Creative Product
  • Travel
Ages: 10-12

Price: $9.99

Phone: 800-457-4570

Mrs. Grossman's Travel Portable

In easy take along kit makes your childs traveling experiences more enjoyable. The themes such as nature, travel and school contain over a variety of over 300 stickers included plus pencils, rulers and postcards. Your child can track their trip by decorating postcards, and an 8-page travel journal. There are plenty of stickers to choose from including flowers, travel accessories, to zoo animals. This is a great item to take along to camp, put in a backpack, take along in a car or plane ride, and enjoy any time of the year. Stickers are a popular activity, can be used creatively, and build language and story telling skills.

Mrs. Grossmans company portable fun packs, calendars,and stickershave been delighting children for over 20 years.

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