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FunZone Company

Record-Your-Voice Book

  • Book
  • Creative Product
  • Educational Skills Product
  • Novelty
  • Social Responsibility
Ages: 3-10

Price: $29.99

Phone: 888-386-9673

FunZone Company Record-Your-Voice Book

This is a unique recordable microchip book in the Record-Your-Voice series including “Oh Please Help me Save the Tree!” The microchip allows you to record your voice. You can read to your child anytime. Your voice is the one your child will hear and identify with. The book has some outstanding features as it can be recorded over and over again, allowing you and your child to read for each other. The book has high quality sound. There is a special message button for recording personal permanent messages. You can also add a photograph to the book. For more information, call 888 FUN WORD.

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