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  • Board Game
Ages: 5-12

Price: $17.95

Phone: 800-433-4263

Year Introduced: 1972

Talicor Ungame

The Ungame has been a classic product for 30 years. It's been updated six times. There is a need for expanding and improving communication and positive social interaction within the family. The Ungame is a family crisis prevention and listening game. Players progress along the playing board by reading aloud and answering questions from cards such as: What are the four most important things in your life? What do you want your last words to be? On each players turn, they are the only player allowed to speak. This is a non-competitive game. Each player rolls a die and advances his marker. As each player lands on a space it requires an answer to a question card. It is not only a great ice breaker for friends or family but it can provide for a serious exchange of feelings and ideas. This game is printed in 13 different languages and different themes of pocket ungame which are in additon to the board game.

Brief History of "Ungame"

In 1971, the game was invented by Rhea Zakich. She wanted to help teens and families unlock pent up misunderstandings and improve poor communication. The Ungame came through a personal health crisis. Rhea had to stop speaking. During the month of silence she carried a notebook around and when her husband asked her a question, she jotted down the answer. She scribbled comments and passed them around the table. She worried that she might not be able to speak ever again. She wanted to find a way to express her feelings with her family. She thought of dozens of questions she wanted to ask her husband and her children. As she sat at the table with a stack of blank cards she wrote a questions on each one. Some questions were more serious and some were light hearted. The idea was that by responding honestly, a person will reveal themselves. She had nearly 200 questions stacked on the table when it occurred to her to create a board game. She learned five secrets of real communication: listen, don't criticize or judge, talk from the heart, don't assume and show your love.

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