All By Myself
All By Myself: Taking Care of My Pet

  • Educational Skills Product
  • Outdoor Play
  • Socially Responsible
  • Video Tape
Age Range: 2-6
Price: $14.95
Phone: 866-408-5437
Year Released: 2003
All By Myself/All By Myself: Taking Care of My Pet

This is an excellent introduction to help your young pet lover learn about the responsibility that comes with taking care of an animal. There are demonstrations on how to feed, exercise and play with animals. Your child will enjoy watching this video as it will give them a better understanding of their new friend. Buddy the Ladybug™ is the friendly animated host and he takes care of his own friend Squeaky the Pufferdoodle™. Children will learn to be careful with animals, be sensitive to their needs and treat them with care. This is a very effective way to teach your child the importance of being a good pet owner. The product was designed by Jill Avery, Michele Free and Carmela Zamora Robertson, three moms who understand the importance of finding fun ways to help children learn. Gaining responsibility, building self confidence and understanding how to care for others are the values your child will gain from this video.

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