Binney & Smith
Zoogles (Crayola)

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Age Range: 3-12
Price: $4.99
Phone: 800-272-9652
Year Released: 2003
Binney & Smith/Zoogles (Crayola)

These little figures are creatures made with special materials that your young artist can customize and collect. The 3 inch tall mini-monsters allow the Crayola washable paints to immediately soak in, making this a low-mess creative activity. There are three kits, each containing three Zoogles, eight washable watercolors, a paint brush and three collectible cards describing each Zoogle personality. One of the critters in the Zoogle family, Droogle, loves to hide behind the dryer, climb mountains and steal socks when no one is looking. This product is a great way for your child to develop their imagination and creativity as Crayola celebrates its 100th birthday.

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