Brainy Baby
Brainy Baby Art (Exploring the World of Art)

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Educational Skills Product
  • Socially Responsible
  • Video Tape
Age Range: 2-5
Price: $15.95
Phone: 877-455-2229
Year Released: 2003
Brainy Baby/Brainy Baby Art (Exploring the World of Art)

This year The Brainy Baby Company introduces 8 new volumes to their 11-volume Learning Library. This excellent reality based video series encompasses creativity with logic, languages, animals, shapes, colors, numbers and ABCs. The product line is full of developmental content that is especially beneficial to children ages 6 months to 5 years. Brainy Baby Art explores the fundamentals of Art, including colors, lines and textures (fuzzy, slimy, rough). Your young artist will learn about different mediums (like crayons, markers, clay and chalk) explore mosaics while understanding how to recognize patterns and symmetry, and discover how Renoir and other artists use these elements in famous paintings. Each program in the series is 45 minutes long and will help parents and children to enjoy interaction together. This product is sure to be a good learning experience for the whole family.

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