Marshall Brodien's Magic Show 12 Trick Video Set

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Age Range: 8-12
Price: $14.99
Phone: 800-621-5426
Year Released: 2003
Cadaco/Marshall Brodien's Magic Show 12 Trick Video Set

Marshall Brodien has been teaching magic to children and adults for over 30 years. He has now developed 2 video magic sets that take kids step-by-step through each magic trick so even the novice magician can master these tricks. These videos will help build confidence and self-esteem in your young magician. The first set of videos features 12 of the most exciting and easy to learn tricks. The second set of videos features a magic hat and surrounding parts to help kids create a magic performance with secret compartments and props. Both video sets are designed for children to use and are thoroughly enjoyable.

Cadaco was founded in 1935 and is one of the oldest independent family-owned game and toy companies. They also offer the world’s largest line of magic products. Games that have been reviewed in the past include: Tripoley, Slam Bas-Ket and many others.

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