Cranium Hullabaloo

  • Active Toy
  • Electronic Game
  • Musical
Age Range: 4-12
Price: $24.95
Phone: 877-272-6486
Year Released: 2003
Cranium/Cranium Hullabaloo

This is a game of tunes, twists and topsy-turvy fun. Itís a high-energy game of tunes, sounds and surprises. Kids think fast as they bounce, twist, spin and dance to music. They can play with their friends at a birthday party or on a rainy day. It features upbeat music and fun sound effects. It encourages children to move between 16 colorful illustrated pads spread across the floor. Push the button and the Hullabaloo does the rest! Each game is fast and challenging. Activities include: Walk in slow motion to a food, Bounce to an animal, and Give high fives to every player you can reach. When players tell each other to freeze, kids have to stay frozen on the pad they just landed on. Each round generates a new lucky winning pad and another chance for a child to celebrate. Hundreds of combinations are possible and you never know what you will hear next. This game extends cooperation, friendship and gives everyone a chance to be a winner.

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