VersaTiles Math CD-ROM

  • CD-ROM
  • Educational Skills Product
  • Socially Responsible
  • Software
Age Range: 6-7
Price: $99.95
Phone: 800-445-5985
Year Released: 2003
ETA/Cuisenaire/VersaTiles Math CD-ROM

These engaging, skill-specific activites are perfect for classroom as well as home to give your child a head-start in developing their basic math skills. The easy-to-navigate learning environment will help students build confidence with hundreds of self-correcting grade-appropriate activities. The CD-ROM for grades 1-8 covers number concepts, estimation, patterns, geometry, algebra and statistics. For additional independent practice for your child, VersaTiles® Math Starter Sets are also available. Each Starter Set contains 8 Student Activity Books, 1 Answer Case and 1 Teacher’s Resource Guide. This is a unique product and an excellent, valuable resource.

Founded in 1965, ETA/Cuisenaire provides elementary school educators with the materials they need to help children develop skills. In April of 2000, ETA acquired Cuisenaire Company of America, formerly part of Pearson Education, and became ETA/Cuisenaire. Cuisenaire was founded in 1958 and was one of the first companies to focus on math manipulative products. Cuisenaire was best known for its Cuisenaire® Rods, which are used to help children master math concepts through hands-on explorations.

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