Faber-Castell USA
Memory Art: 2 Tiles to Treasure

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Creative Product
Age Range: 1-12
Price: $15.00
Phone: 800-642-2288
Year Released: 2003
Faber-Castell USA/Memory Art: 2 Tiles to Treasure

This creative product is full with activities for parents and children to do together. This kit includes 2 ceramic tiles, two 7 Ĺ x 7 Ĺ wooden frames to paint, 8 colors of paint, 2 paint brushes, a plastic apron and ribbon for hanging. You can paint a design on the tiles or use them to make a handprint or footprint. Paint the 2 wooden frames to complement the tiles and you can hang them with ribbon. Sign and date these special works of art and they make excellent gifts for the whole family. This is a great gift for loved ones and a unique activity for children and adults of all ages. Another great product from Creativity for Kids is the Itís My Life Scrapbook Kit which is a spiral-bound scrapbook with hard cover. The kit includes decorative paper, stickers, mini envelopes, scalloped-edge scissors, stencil, glue stick and markers.

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