Family Pastimes
Early Years

  • Card Game
  • Creative Product
  • Educational Skills Product
  • Fantasy Play
Age Range: 4-7
Price: $15.00
Phone: 888-267-4414
Year Released: 2003
Family Pastimes/Early Years

Early Years consists of four cooperative games: Animal Train, Fuzzy Math, Alphabet Soup and Story Time. These card games each consist of 35 cards that will help nurture and encourage close observation, communication, imagination, social and memory skills in your young child. In Animal Train, players try to connect halves of animals to form a long train pulled by Teddy Bearís engine. Fuzzy Math challenges players to form a long caterpillar of numbers and math signs. Alphabet Soup is a domino word game that provides an opportunity to learn about the alphabet. Story Time takes readers on a journey and challenges them to find a lost treasure as it nurtures imaginative problem solving. Early Years is a valuable educational product that is a must-have for your childís collection. This innovative company in Canada has provided years of excellent cooperative games that are fun and positive for the whole family to enjoy.

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