Real Phone

First Years
Real Phone

  • Electronic Game
  • Educational Skills Product
  • Toy
Age Range: 9-24 mos
Price: $9.99
Phone: 800-317-3194
Year Released: 2003
First Years/<I>Real</I> Phone

Babies love to play with toys that simulate the items they see their parents handling. This real phone looks just like a real cellular phone with hard and soft textures to keep your little talker fully stimulated. This phone is one that your little one can grow with. The antenna is actually a teether. Once baby is older, they will have a great time playing with this phone in two modes. One that tells and shows the numbers on the LED screen which will help them to be familiar with numbers and practice counting. In the second mode, when pressing a number, a typical phone conversation engages baby in role-playing and will help baby to develop their imagination. The phone is easy to grasp and has a strap for easy attachment to car seat or stroller.

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