Baby Puppet

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Age Range: 3-12
Price: $40.00
Phone: 800-654-7756
Year Released: 2003
Folkmanis/Baby Puppet

This delightful little baby puppet is dressed in a super-soft chenille sleeper and features a molded latex face and head. Itís not only ready to be taken care of by your little one but it is a delightfully soft and cuddly friend. Your hand enters from the middle of the back to work the head and arms. Your child will delight in carrying the baby and discovering all of the different variations that are possible with this one-of-a-kind baby. This new soft baby will be quickly adopted as it adds a human touch to a big range of dolls. In this line of soft people, you can choose from Grandma and Grandpa, Reversible Outfit Dad and Mom, Small Girl and Boy and Baby. These soft dolls are a wonderful addition to the Folkmanis line of puppets that are realistic looking, fun to play with and delightful. You can also choose from a Great White Shark puppet, a Large Tarantula puppet, Wildlife finger puppets and so much more.

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