Check Out!

  • Active Toy
  • Card Game
  • Educational Skills Product
Age Range: 6-12
Price: $9.99
Phone: 800-638-7568
Year Released: 2003
Gamewright/Check Out!

Attention shoppers! This is a fun, fast-paced game of visual perception that will help your child to develop quick reflexes. Players race to place groceries in the correct aisle without making any mistakes. You’ve found an aisle to put the yellow cheese and red apples. But now what do you do with the blue carrots or purple eggs? The first player with an empty shopping cart wins. There are 58 grocery cards, 15 coins, 1 aisle hub and rules of play included in this game. Instructions come in Spanish, English and French. This is a great game for developing keen memory and reasoning skills. Maya Madness is another fun game offered by Gamewright. It is a mysterious numbers card game that is great for older children. Players add and subtract the right combination of cards to claim a secret number token. The first player to collect five tokens wins the game. There are 69 cards, 20 secret number tokens, 4 number lines and rules of play included. Instructions come in Spanish, English and French. Gamewright offers many new fun games including: Surprise! the party-time memory matching game and PDQ- the pretty darn quick word game.

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