Gitchigoomi Enterprises
Dr. Doodles Series

  • Compact Disc
  • Creative Product
  • Educational Skills Product
  • Socially Responsible
  • Travel
Age Range: 3-12
Price: $5.99
Phone: 415-257-8843
Year Released: 2003
Gitchigoomi Enterprises/Dr. Doodles Series

This product is an innovative first aid kit that will help your child take their minds off of their injury and help them heal in a fun way. BooBoo Doodles come with 36 bandages, 4 skin safe washable markers and a BooBoo booklet filled with dozens of easy to draw images. Ed Emberely is the Caldecott Children’s Award winner who created the 25 page BooBoo book filled with dozens of images and a copyrighted 2 step drawing technique. The bandages can become works of art, helping your child gain confidence and self esteem. There are three versions presently available: Faces, Animals and Trucks/Trains. All children will feel less fearful with fun drawings on their BooBoo that they helped to create. Proceeds from Gitchigoomi Enterprises go to Youth in Arts, an organization dedicated to putting arts education back into the schools. See: www.youthinarts.org.

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