HarperCollins Children's Books
I'm Gonna Like Me

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Age Range: 4-8
Price: $15.99
Phone: 800-242-7737
Year Released: 2002
HarperCollins Children's Books/I'm Gonna Like Me

This new book is important to children because it will help them to like themselves and understand how important it is to feel good about being individual. “I’m Gonna Like Me” shows children that even if they give the wrong answer in school or are picked last for the team, what’s most important is liking who we are. Following on the success of her earlier book “Today I Feel Silly,” this new book shows that whether life is bad and sad, liking yourself is what counts. This is the fifth book by Jamie Lee Curtis. Others include “Where Do Balloons Go?”, “When I Was Little” and “Tell Me Again About The Night I Was Born.” The illustrator, Laura Cornell has illustrated all of these books. The alternating points of view from girl to boy helps plus fun rhyming verses make this book really enjoyable. Other wonderful books published by this company include: “Wemberly’s Ice-Cream Star” which features a mouse in a dress with a yellow stuffed rabbit and an ice-cream treat. “If You Take a Mouse to School” features a famous mouse who writes his very own first book.

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