Hasbro Games
Bulls Eye Ball

  • Electronic Game
Age Range: 9-12
Price: $19.99
Phone: 888-836-7025
Year Released: 2003
Hasbro Games/Bulls Eye Ball

A new arcade-style target game will be the one that your child and everyone else will enjoy playing with. Players bounce marble-sized balls onto a mini trampoline-like platform in order to hit one of the three targets built into the backboard of the game unit. A bulls-eye earns players three points; the next target is worth two points and the bottom target is worth one point. You can choose from three different play options as there are different ways to play. The object is to beat the best score as recorded by the game. This is a great product that will provide your child with hours of fun while helping to develop their eye-hand coordination. Your child can play this alone or with friends.

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