Dr. Toy Best 2003 Seal DR. TOY'S 100 BEST PRODUCTS
Selected by Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D. (Dr. Toy
Dr. Toy Best 2003
A.L.L. For Kids Stinky Shoe & Coach LaRoo ae es op vt $13.95 4-10 888-880-5437
Action Products International Space Voyagers AstroSquad Astronaut Figures ae fp $9.99 5-12 800-772-2846
ALEX Super Art Table ac ae cp es $160.00 3-12 800-666-2539
All By Myself All By Myself: Taking Care of My Pet es op sr vt $14.95 2-6 866-408-5437
Anchor Bay Entertainment James & The Red Balloon & Other Thomas Adventures vt dv $12.98 3-5 800-233-3738
b. dazzle, inc. Philadelphia - Scramble Square Puzzles bg es no pz sr $7.95 4-12 800-809-4242
Baby Prodigy Baby Prodigy vt $14.99 12-24 mos 888-813-2408
Bandai America Strawberry Shortcake Berry Happy Home dh do fp ty $29.99 3-5 714-816-9560
Battat Activity Puzzle Cube ae es ml ty $22.50 2-12 800-822-8828
Big Time Toys YoYo Ball® ae no ty $3.99 3-12 800-419-3810
Binney & Smith Zoogles (Crayola) ac $4.99 3-12 800-272-9652
Brainy Baby Brainy Baby Art (Exploring the World of Art) ac es sr vt $15.95 2-5 877-455-2229
Briarpatch Circle of Friends Matching Game bg $14.99 3-6 800-232-7427
Cadaco Marshall Brodien's Magic Show 12 Trick Video Set ae ot vt $14.99 8-12 800-621-5426
Chicco USA Butterfly Spinner es ty $12.99 6-18 mos 877-424-4226
Cranium Cranium Hullabaloo ae eg ml $24.95 4-12 877-272-6486
Currie Design go shop! for fashion ae cg es no tr $12.99 9-12 609-883-0375
Delta Education Zoom Kits ac ae bo cp op $14.95 6-12 800-663-2182
Discovery Toys Tug-A-Bug Rattle ae no tr ty $14.99 6-36 mos 800-426-4777
Educational Insights Logiblocs Spy-Tech Lab eg $39.95 9-12 800-995-4436
ETA/Cuisenaire VersaTiles Math CD-ROM cm es sr sw $99.95 6-7 800-445-5985
Faber-Castell USA Memory Art: 2 Tiles to Treasure ac cp $15.00 1-12 800-642-2288
Family Pastimes Early Years cg cp es fp $15.00 4-7 888-267-4414
Fanny's Play House Color and Wash Finger Puppets ac pu $11.00 3-12 516-822-3752
First Years Real Phone eg es ty $9.99 9-24 mos 800-317-3194
Fisher-Price PowerTouch Learning System es ty $49.99 3-8 800-432-5437
Folkmanis Baby Puppet pu $40.00 3-12 800-654-7756
Free Spirit Publishing Teeth Are Not For Biting bo sr $7.95 18-36 mos 866-703-7322
Gamewright Check Out! ae cg es $9.99 6-12 800-638-7568
Gitchigoomi Enterprises Dr. Doodles Series cd cp es sr tr $5.99 3-12 415-257-8843
Goldberger Doll Mfg Unbelievably Soft Baby do fp sr ty $19.99 2-8 800-452-3655
Great American Puzzle Factory Box of Silly Word Games ge ho no tr $12.00 8-12 800-922-1194
HarperCollins Children's Books I'm Gonna Like Me bo $15.99 4-8 800-242-7737
Harrisville Designs Potholder Deluxe ac cp es ty $19.95 6-12 800-338-9415
Hasbro Radio Control Tonka Mighty Dump Truck co op $49.99 3-8 800-844-3733
Hasbro Games Bulls Eye Ball eg $19.99 9-12 888-836-7025
Hooray! JumboJet cp tr ty $11.99 2-6 866-278-7785
Innovative Kids My First Shape Sorter bo es $14.99 18-36 mos 203-838-6400
Intelibaby Music For Infants Vol 2 Travel Music cd es ml sr tr $14.99 0-36 mos 415-257-8843
International Playthings Early Years: Surprise Inside Elephant es pl tr ty $19.99 9-36 mos 800-631-1272
Ivy Hill Bunch Saddy and Gladdy bo do es no ty $26.00 3-12 866-892-5795
Joy Stories Joy Stories cd pl pu tr $18.99 4-9 866-339-5300
KGI Consumer Products HandBand cp eg es ml tr $89.99 8-12 305-347-4305
Kidz Delight Silly Sam The Talking Broom eg fp $9.99 2-4 800-777-8670
Kimbo Educational Songs About America cd ml sr $14.95 3-8 800-631-2187
Klutz Battery Science ac co cp $19.95 8-12 800-737-4123
K's Kids Production 3-in-1 Bear Playgym ae cp op $59.00 0-36 mos 800-387-2587
Kutoka Interactive Mia's Language Adventure - The Kidnap Caper cm es sw $19.95 6-10 877-858-8652
Learning Journey Intl ABC Find It! Floor Puzzle ae co es pz sr $9.99 3-6 877-839-3969
Learning Line Foot Puppet Socks & Songs CD cp es fp ml pu $9.99 2-4 888-926-7888
Learning Resources Teaching Cash Register es fp ty $44.95 3-5 888-222-3909
LEGO Systems Mars Exploration Rover ae $89.99 9-12 800-453-4652
Little Tikes Twist n' Toss ty $29.99 3-5 800-321-0183
Lolo BucketBlast op tr $29.95 6-12 800-760-9930
Madacy Kids Crayola Music Box cd $9.98 3-5 800-784-0991
Made By Hands Make-Your-Own Puppets ac cp fp pu $17.95 4-12 800-839-7369
Make Baby Laugh! Giggle Together cd es sr vt dv $14.95 6-36 mos 866-444-2487
Master Communications Follow Jade! es vt $19.99 2-6 800-765-5885
McWiz Games MEMO-LINGO: Animals and Their Young bg es $15.99 3-5 888-691-2849
Mega Bloks Probuilder Code Blue co $19.99 5-12 800-465-6342
MGA Entertainment LandAir R/C ho op $100.00 9-12 800-222-4685
Microsoft Zoo Tycoon™: Complete Collection cm eg sw $29.95 6-12 425-882-8080
MindWare Flip 4 bg es $19.95 8-12 800-274-6123
Mudpuppy Press Two-sided Opposites Puzzle ae es pz ty $9.00 2-4 800-670-7441
Munchkin Mac the Smart Stool ae es ot $24.99 18-36 mos 800-344-2229
Music Games International Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker The Music Game cm cp es ge ml $19.95 4-12 877-877-1369
Neurosmith Musini Preschool eg es tr ty $39.99 3-5 800-220-3669
New Hope Records Early Learning Sing-Along CD at cd es ml $10.98 2-8 516-466-6040
Ohio Art Betty Spaghetty Campfire Fun & Friends do ty $12.99 4-12 800-800-3141
OOZ & OZ Mirror-aculous Art Activities ac cp es ty $19.99 9-12 703-750-3338
Oregon Scientific Big Brain Book Interactive Dictionary eg es ty $39.99 4-9 800-853-8883
OWI Weasel co es ho ty $24.95 9-12 800-638-1694
Pal Toys Bright Ideas for Mommy & Me ac ae cg cp es $9.95 0-5 310-528-7369
Plastwood Supermag ae co cp es ty $21.95 6-11 800-647-9989
Playhut Megaland ty $69.99 3-12 888-752-9488
Playmobil Grocery Store ae co $99.99 4-10 800-752-9662
Purple Pebble Games Numbers Count es $15.99 3-7 781-639-0209
Quercetti & Co Skyrail Suspension co cp es ty $69.99 6-12 800-866-7863
Quincrafts Make Your Own Door Critters ac cp es no $6.49 6-8 800-342-8458
RC2 Corp - Learning Curve Lamaze 2-in-1 Drop & Pop Gym tr ty $59.99 0-36 mos 800-704-8697
Robin/Tani Media Factory I Can Do Yoga! Video Series ot vt $17.95 3-12 866-606-7863
S & S Innovations Snowball Fight cg tr $17.99 8-12 866-767-6677
Sanford Colorific Retractable Markers ac $6.55 4-12 800-323-0749
Sassy Baby Baby's First Wallet ot pl tr ty $4.99 9-36 mos 800-323-6336
Scholastic Clifford Phonics cm es $19.95 4-6 800-724-4718
Skullduggery Cast & Paint Krazy Kars ac co es ho $14.95 8-12 800-336-7745
Small World Toys IQ Baby Vroom Vroom Vehicles es ty $25.00 1-30 mos 866-310-1717
SpinMaster Toys Regenerator ae cp ho op ty $59.99 8-12 800-622-8339
Start Smarter Videos Firefighter George & Fire Engines Vols. 1 & 2 es vt $12.99 2-8 404-944-1351
Strombecker/Tootsie Toy Alice's Wonderful Tea Party - Service for Two fp $12.00 3-5 800-944-8697
Think Fun! Oodles of Doodles ae bg $19.99 9-12 800-468-1864
Thumbprint Adventures Imagine If : Ingredients for Creating Your Own Stories bo cp es tr $19.95 4-9 416-787-2882
Trout Fishing In America It's A Puzzle CD cd ml $15.00 5-12 888-439-8342
Universal Products CoolBlox 52-Piece Starter Set ae co cp es ty $79.95 4-12 905-761-5241
Vtech Electronics North America Fly and Discover Globe es $24.99 3-5 800-521-2010
Walter Foster Publishing How to Draw Scooby-Doo! Step by Step Drawing Book and Kit ac cp es ty $14.95 6-12 800-426-0099
Warren Industries LEGO My First Builder Game bg $12.99 3-6 800-447-2151
Wild Planet Toys Spy Gear Eye-Link Communicators ae cp fp op ty $34.99 6-12 800-247-6570
Winning Moves Games Play On Words cg es $10.95 7-12 800-578-2468
Zapf Creation New BABYborn do op $39.99 3-5 mos 877-629-9273

Key to Toy Types:

AE = Active Toy AP = Activity Product AS = Accessories Decorations Furniture AT = Audio Tape
BG = Board Game BO = Book CD = CD CE = Children's Entertainment
CG = Card Game CM = CD-ROM CO = Construction Toy CP = Creative Product
CR = Computer-Related CS = Costume DH = Dollhouse DO = Doll
DV = DVD EG = Electronic Game EL = Electronic Product EQ = Equipment
ES = Educational Skills Product FP = Fantasy Play GE = Game HO = Hobby
ML = Musical MM = Multimedia NO = Novelty OP = Outdoor Play
OT = Other PL = Plush Toy PT = Pool Toy PU = Puppet
PZ = Puzzle RS = Rubber Stamp SC = Science SR = Socially Responsible
ST = Stamps SW = Software TR = Travel TS = Transportation
TY = Toy UN = Unique Products VG = Video Game VT = Video Tape

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Welcome to Dr. Toy's Guide!

To assist you with your gifts giving this holiday and into the new year we have a great selection of new products for you to consider.

We have reviewed well over two thousand toys and children's products over this past dozen years. It has been exciting and rewarding to see many new and innovative companies emerging, while many new and interesting improvements have been made among many established companies.

Our 2003 products range across many different levels from low to high tech, for all ages and for all interests, and from small to large companies around the world.

There is more to choose from today than ever before. It may also seem that way when you seek the right product for your child. By using Dr. Toy's Guide, you will find helpful guidance as you look for that perfect product, the one that will benefit your child the most.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Know your child and his or her interests;
  • Understand what she is studying in school and what he or she needs to learn;
  • Expand his interests and help him to develop a well-rounded approach to play;
  • Give her new experiences that stimulate and that challenge different abilities;
  • Help him develop both sides of the left and right sides of the brain, and help him to think and to be creative;
  • Challenge and build her strengths and help her to learn new information.
Dr. Toy selects 10 products for each of the following categories:

Play encompasses everything your child does. They need you to play with them. They need to learn simple games, and to have plenty of conversations. They need you to read stories to them, and to sing songs, play with puzzles, do crafts, and have fun. Whatever you and your child enjoy doing together is perfect.

Look for creative products to prepare for those times when there is a snow storm or rain fall and children are house-bound. This is the time to liing out those great creative products that have been packed away in storage. Open them on a bad weather day and the storm passes away while children are enjoying something satisfying.

Children can only focus on one toy at a time. Make toys something that you select year round to make their time interesting and challenging. Don't forget the products that help children with their activities- whether they are enjoying active play outdoors, or learning to do yoga, or some other kind of physical activity.

Even play with pick-up sticks or marbles is physical and requires dexterity; the smallest activity liings the body into motion. Children like a variety of physical activity, so don't forget to add hula hoops, balls, and a bean bag toss.

Children also need time to play games, to think, to create, to use their imagination, and to learn strategy and how to figure things out. They need time to create, to play with dolls and puppets, and to use their skills.

These are the products we have looked for this year. We were looking for products with the potential to provide your child with learning and joy.

During the next year, your child will have an opportunity to play and experience some of these toys directly. Be sure to look at our online review of toy buying services to find an array of different ways to purchase these products.

If you have a question about a toy, then "Ask Dr. Toy." If you have an answer or know of the availability of products, help us by looking at our "Ask Dr. Toy" feature and responding. You'll be fascinated with all of the queries that have come in, and we welcome your help as we find answers for all of these questions.

Search through our site, come back often, and have a fun, playful year!

Please be sure to examine a copy of our new book, Toys for a Lifetime. It highlights over 50 classic toys from the past as well as the toys of the future. And look for Dr. Toy's Smart Play: How to Raise a Child with a High P.Q.(Play Quotient) to help you with play ideas from baby to older children, plus 166 great ideas of ways to have fun with your children. What is most important is to have fun together as a family. Have a wonderful time with your child this holiday (and every day in the new year!).

Let's play!

Dr. Stevanne Auerbach, "Dr.Toy"

You might also like to look at the Image Gallery. It contains pictures of this year's award winning toys, and links to descriptions of them.