International Playthings
Early Years: Surprise Inside Elephant

  • Educational Skills Product
  • Plush Toy
  • Travel
  • Toy
Age Range: 9-36 mos
Price: $19.99
Phone: 800-631-1272
Year Released: 2003
International Playthings/Early Years: Surprise Inside Elephant

The Surprise Inside Elephant is a vibrantly colored velour elephant that will delight your little one. The cuddly elephant has three outside pockets, a built-in-handle for easy carrying and is full of surprises. Reach inside the opening to find lots of things hidden inside: baby elephant, squeaky mouse, cup of peanuts, ball and flower with a mirror. It is a perfect size for little hands to grasp. Other wonderful products from this company include: The Iplay Three Little Pigs play set, Great States Junior board game and Imaginetics Travel Picture Bingo game. International Playthings also has a new Happy Land® Friendly Farm Set. This product offers an exciting, busy world of bright landscapes and friendly people. It features a realistic sounding tractor, farmer, play mat, gates, fences, barn, pond, pigpen and animals. When the farmer drives around the farm, you can hear the animals as he passed them by. This is a cleverly detailed set that will encourage your child to use their imagination and communication skills. For sounds, the tractor requires 2 “AA” batteries that are not included.

International Playthings was established in 1967. They distribute brands to specialty retailers and have innovative, educational products that have a lot of play value.

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