Ivy Hill Bunch
Saddy and Gladdy

  • Book
  • Doll
  • Educational Skills Product
  • Novelty
  • Toy
Age Range: 3-12
Price: $26.00
Phone: 866-892-5795
Year Released: 2003
Ivy Hill Bunch/Saddy and Gladdy

This new interactive doll and book is a great way to help your child discover that they have a choice as to how they react to life’s challenges. The adorable doll Haddy has a sad face on one side and when turned around, a happy face appears. This product consists of a 14 inch plush reversible doll with a pink-jersey dress on one side and denim jumper with a yellow T-shirt on the other. A 20-page color illustrated soft-cover book is also included that comes conveniently packed in a reusable full sized zippered backpack. Parents can use this product to help guide their children to turn negative situations into positive ones. This is a wonderful product that will enhance the communication between you and your child.

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