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  • Travel
Age Range: 8-12
Price: $89.99
Phone: 305-347-4305
Year Released: 2003
KGI Consumer Products/HandBand

Hand Band is an interactive pari of gloves that uses the latest sensor to technology to put the sounds of three musical instruments at the tips of your childís fingers and around the palms of their hands. Hand Band produces virtual musical notes, 10 per instrument, in real tome to play three musical instruments- electronic guitar, electronic keyboard and electric drums. Your young musician will thrill at what they can do with these magic gloves. They can play alone or with others. They will play out their fantasy of being in a band and play the instrument as they imagine it. The gloves are available in two sizes and are rechargeable while the wireless speaker box requires 4 AA batteries. This is fun and amazing technology at your finger tips, and best of all you can plug in headphones so parents donít have to hear their kids rock out while driving in the car!

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