K's Kids Production
3-in-1 Bear Playgym

  • Active Toy
  • Creative Product
  • Outdoor Play
Age Range: 0-36 mos
Price: $59.00
Phone: 800-387-2587
Year Released: 2003
K's Kids Production/3-in-1 Bear Playgym

3-in-1 Playgym is a versatile playmat that can be used not only on the floor as a mat or gym but also in the car seat and stroller as a sitting pad. The set comes together with a mat, detachable bars and accessories of sun-shaped peek-a-boo mirror, lovely little bear doll and a rattle. The playmate is in the shape of a teddy bear with activities on the limbs such as crinkling paper on the duck wing. It is made out of soft and comfortable fabric and comes with convenient pockets for baby to keep their treasures in. This is a great way to keep your little one stimulated while providing them an opportunity to engage in active play.

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