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Teaching Cash Register

  • Educational Skills Product
  • Fantasy Play
  • Toy
Age Range: 3-5
Price: $44.95
Phone: 888-222-3909
Year Released: 2003
Learning Resources/Teaching Cash Register

Playing store is even more fun with this educational Teaching Cash Register. Your child will learn math concepts such as number identification, addition, subtraction, coin and currency concepts while interacting with their new talking toy. A large LCD screen shows the real-life transactions with big easy-to-read numbers, a talking scanner that rings up any object and includes fun sound effects such as Special of the day, Preferred Customer, Big Bargain, and Clean Up, Aisle 3. The cash register also features a coin slot that identifies and tallies real and plastic play coins, a scale and four built-in games such as Coin Quiz and Money Math. Your child can use the plastic coupon to receive random price reductions and can pay for their purchases with a play credit card that simulates an actual transaction. Transactions are rewarded with lights and voice messages. There are many ways to play with this cash register and itís a terrific educational item that will provide your little shopper with hours of fun while they learn real-life money skills. The Teaching Cash Register requires three C batteries that are not included.

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