LEGO Systems
Mars Exploration Rover

  • Active Toy
Age Range: 9-12
Price: $89.99
Phone: 800-453-4652
Year Released: 2003
LEGO Systems/Mars Exploration Rover

There are a series of products from Lego in the area of discovery and space. The Mars Exploration Rover launches on its mission to Mars as you build your very own rover. This detailed replica features LEGO TECHNIC elements and is modeled after the robot geologists that will comb the surface of Mars during exploration. This product has 857 pieces and is appropriate for children aged 10 and up. There is a series of exciting products in this line such as The International Space Station where you can build your own Space Shuttle Atlantis that comes with a detachable rocket and prepare to dock it at the Station. The Saturn V Moon Mission is a replica of the of the rocket that first took man to the moon. The Mission to Mars allows you to blast off on your mission to Mars as you lauch your vehicles at the tower. The Space Shuttle Discovery features cargo bay doors that open to reveal a functioning crane-arm ready to delay a satellite. All of these products are perfect for your young explorer and will keep them entertained for hours!

Other new Lego Systems products include Dragon Fortress that includes the dragon, unique mini-figures and mofing elements, trap doors as well as an in-box board game. Also in the China series is The Emperorís Ship, Passage of Jun-Chi and a vintage bi-plane called Thunder Blazer. The sports series includes NBA Challenge Basketball set which features mini-figures with five players for each team and three basketballs. The Wild Collection allows your child to build a whole zoo full of creatures. This kind of construction product is a perfect way for your child to use their imagination and develop finger dexterity.

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