McWiz Games
MEMO-LINGO: Animals and Their Young

  • Board Game
  • Educational Skills Product
Age Range: 3-5
Price: $15.99
Phone: 888-691-2849
Year Released: 2003
McWiz Games/MEMO-LINGO: Animals and Their Young

Memo-Lingo takes the classic game of Memory up two different levels in a series of 6 new games. Your child will sharpen their memory skills while developing knowledge in different subjects. MEMO-LINGO: Animals & Their Young requires players to turn up the cow card and match it with a calf. A dog is matched with a puppy and a cat with a kitten. On each card, the name is written in three languages: English, Spanish and French and the games come with a CD that features the correct pronunciation of each word.
Another game, Junior Enigmages, challenges players to scatter all the cards on the table and come up with as many words with those cards as they can. Your child will develop their mental and motor skills while having fun with words and language.
These games will provide the whole family with hours of non-violent, creative fun.

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