MGA Entertainment
LandAir R/C

  • Hobby
  • Outdoor Play
Age Range: 9-12
Price: $100.00
Phone: 800-222-4685
Year Released: 2003
MGA Entertainment/LandAir R/C

This is an extraordinary new radio-controlled vehicle that can patrol the land and sky. It is a motorized flying aircraft that you can launch and fly wherever you desire. With just a touch of a button on the full functioning handset, you can maneuver your land cruiser to drive through rough terrain. Push another button and launch the aircraft high into the air, controlling it to soar in the sky or make sudden dives into the water. The transformable Land-Air R/C features a high-speed all-terrain vehicle and a double propeller motorized flying aircraft with a full-functioning radio control handset. It is available in two different versions based on R/C frequency and color, enabling your young explorer to race them against each other for added fun. This is an exciting new toy for aviators of all ages.

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