Ohio Art
Betty Spaghetty Campfire Fun & Friends

  • Doll
  • Toy
Age Range: 4-12
Price: $12.99
Phone: 800-800-3141
Year Released: 2003
Ohio Art/Betty Spaghetty Campfire Fun & Friends

Betty Spaghetty® is back with a whole new range of activities for your little one. Her collection includes Campfire Fun ‘n Friends. Zoe and her cousin Celeste™ pack up their gear and hike into the woods to rough it in the great outdoors. Dressed for the great outdoor, they tell stories and have a great time. The set includes hiking boots, hot dogs and hamburgers, marshmallows and a roasting stick, water bottles, a campfire that lights up and a new bunny rabbit friend. Your child will have hours of imaginative fun with this take-along kit that is sure to provide hours of pretend-play while on travel or anytime.

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