Grocery Store

  • Active Toy
  • Construction Toy
Age Range: 4-10
Price: $99.99
Phone: 800-752-9662
Year Released: 2003
Playmobil/Grocery Store

Your child will delight in being the shopkeeper of their very own grocery store. Imagination will open up as they play store with their friends. Grocery Store is a perfect item for developing language, stimulating creativity and engaging in dramatic play. It includes a grocery cart, cash register, café and many accessories. The shopper pushes her grocery cart through the store picking up various ingredients along the way.  The two and three-quarter inch figure included in the Grocery Store can move its arms; turn its head, sit, stand, and bend.  All of the accessories are well-made and colorful.  The Grocery Store features System X construction, which allows a child to build with large interlocking pieces. With hundreds of themes to choose from in a variety of age-appropriate settings, PLAYMOBIL is dedicated to bringing products to your child that will encourage the use of their imagination.

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