Robin/Tani Media Factory
I Can Do Yoga! Video Series

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Age Range: 3-12
Price: $17.95
Phone: 866-606-7863
Year Released: 2003
Robin/Tani Media Factory/I Can Do Yoga! Video Series

This video series will teach your child yoga in a fun new way. The Beginners Level invites new yogis to practice their ABC’s by doing fun animal yoga poses from Alligator to Zebra. In addition to practicing poses with you, your child will learn yoga basics such as breathing, stretching and simple meditation. Level One of this video series is for more advanced yogis and invites its participants to play Guess That Animal Game. This product is well produced and is an excellent way to get your child interested in yoga or help those already in a class practice what they’ve learned. Your child will build self confidence and self awareness as they engage in active fun with this video series.

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