Start Smarter Videos
Firefighter George & Fire Engines Vols. 1 & 2

  • Educational Skills Product
  • Video Tape
Age Range: 2-8
Price: $12.99
Phone: 404-944-1351
Year Released: 2002
Start Smarter Videos/Firefighter George & Fire Engines Vols. 1 & 2

These videos (two volumes) were developed by teachers and firefighters to provide children with a better understanding about fire safety with fire Marshall Jerry. The video features both women and men firefighters and invites the viewer to get involved in the action. The videos are sure to keep your young child’s full attention. Each piece of equipment is spelled out at the bottom of the screen and repetition and examples of live action shots reinforce each explanation. The videos have been divided into two twenty minute lessons and feature lots of detail. A fire equipment board book is included in the slipcover for watch and read instruction. Matching movements to rhythm and music will help children with their development. This product will help your child understand fire safety and its value in their lives. This is a fun new addition to your young one’s video library.

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