Think Fun!
Oodles of Doodles

  • Active Toy
  • Board Game
Age Range: 9-12
Price: $19.99
Phone: 800-468-1864
Year Released: 2003
Think Fun!/Oodles of Doodles

This is a fun doodling activity that your child will enjoy as they race against time. Players sketch out eight items that fit within a specific category. The items are simple to draw, so the challenge is as much on teammates’ guesswork as it is with the doodler’s artistic ability. Special Doodle Duel cards let everyone play at the same time. The game comes with re are 400 categories to draw, Doodle Duels and more difficult cards that add scoring potential, a timer and a scoring mechanism. This is a fun game for older kids that will challenge their ingenuity. It is a great product for them to enjoy with their friends and family. Binary Arts was founded in 185 by Bill Ritchie and Andrea Barthello. The first puzzle, SpinOut is now a Games Magazine Hall of Fame classic. Additional puzzles and games include: Rush Hour, Smart Mouth and Zingo. Under the new name, Think Fun!, Binary Arts will expand their challenging games and puzzles.

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