Imagine If: Ingredients for Creating Your Own Stories

Thumbprint Adventures
Imagine If: Ingredients for Creating Your Own Stories

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Age Range: 4-9
Price: $19.95
Phone: 416-787-2882
Year Released: 2003
Thumbprint Adventures/</I>Imagine If</I>: Ingredients for Creating Your Own Stories

Children love to hear stories, especially ones they help create. Imagine If… is a unique approach to storytelling that will encourage your child to think and listen while using their imagination. The book contains 75 original illustrations, 25 story characters, 25 things and 25 places. Let your child flip through the picture cards to choose a new combination of pictures. Colorful pictures offer open-ended opportunities for creating your own personal stories and bringing new adventures to life. This product is perfect for bedtime stories, day care centers, class circles or car rides. These stories will help your young reader expand their vocabulary, memory and concentration skills while enriching their imagination and building confidence and self-esteem. Thumbprint Adventures was founded in 2003 by Dr. Karen Halpern and Mitchell Wolfe. Imagine If….Ingredients for Creating Your Own Stories allows children to explore all their creative talents- in arts and crafts, construction, co-operative play, drama, dress-up, imaginative play, problem solving, physical activity, music, song, dance and more. You and your child will both enjoy using the unique Thumbprint Adventures program.

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