Wild Planet Toys
Spy Gear Eye-Link Communicators

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Age Range: 6-12
Price: $34.99
Phone: 800-247-6570
Year Released: 2003
Wild Planet Toys/Spy Gear Eye-Link Communicators

As part of the exciting Spy Gear product line, these new Eye-Link Communicators will give your child an opportunity to send secret messages to another person from up to 200 feet away. Just type a message onto the keypad then beam it to your friend. This product comes with two arm mounted keypads and heads-up scrolling LCD displays. This is the first digital headset display text messaging transceivers to enter the toy market. Using high frequency radio transmission with multi-channel capability, this toy can send messages through walls, doors and to agents across the street. Agents have the option of sending messages across one public channel, or nine private channels, depending on the number of spies they wish to include. Kids will love this innovate product because there is nothing else like it.

Wild Planet has been creating innovative non-violent products since 1993. Through monthly Toy Opinion Panels and Kid Inventor Challenges, Wild Planet stays ahead of their competition. This company helps children to connect their ideas into toys. More information about this company is available on their website: www.wildplanet.com.

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