Winning Moves Games
Play On Words

  • Card Game
  • Educational Skills Product
Age Range: 7-12
Price: $10.95
Phone: 800-578-2468
Year Released: 2003
Winning Moves Games/Play On Words

This is a challenging card game that will help your young student to develop their vocabulary while having fun. Players lay down words using letter cards, and then try to win by playing on each otherís words. The intensity builds with each round and you must think quickly in order to win the game. Try to use the remaining letter cards in your hand in order to change or add words that have been played. Spelling can be frustrating sometimes and this product will help your child to develop the self confidence they need. This is a perfect game for 2-4 players and features ten rounds of fun. Other unique products from this company include Go To The Head of the Class, a question/answer game.

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