Best Vacation Toys 2003

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Baby Prodigy

Baby Prodigy

  • Video Tape
Ages: 0-4

Price: $14.99

Phone: 888-813-2408

Year Introduced: 2002

 Baby Prodigy / Baby Prodigy

This video is sure to please your young one. The makers wanted to produce a video that is positive for children, giving them a stimulated learning experience. This video has fun humor, good entertainment and engages the child. Become friends with Dookie Duck, a loveable funny puppet who has great activity, colors, motion and entertaining sounds. This product has a multi-sensory approach- it provides interesting information, spatial relations reasoning and cause and effect. Every day images are presented in creative ways. This video will provide your child with visual and auditory stimulation. The music on the video was made for babies and toddlers and has been very well selected. Baby Prodigy will be appreciated by children of all ages as well as parents. This video captivates, stimulates, provides value and is a good addition to your child’s activity. Your child will find this stimulating, fun and worthwhile.

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