Best Vacation Toys 2003

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Purple Pebble Games

E-Z as ABC

  • Educational Skills Product
  • Game
Ages: 3-7

Price: $15.99

Phone: 781-639-0209

Year Introduced: 2002

 Purple Pebble Games / E-Z as ABC

This game focuses on letter identification, alphabet sequencing and sound matching. These are critical skills for learning how to read. This is the first alphabet, letter knowledge game. It includes 52 puzzle pieces, 26 word cards, an alphabet strip and 7 skill building games. Through various activities, children match the photos; discover the corresponding capital and lowercase letters. Once this connection happens, it becomes easy to sound out. Connect the two halves; try to guess the secret object when the player gives the beginning sound clue. E-Z as ABC helps the child make a connection between letters and sounds. Children connect the two halves of the puzzle that has pictures on the front and capital and lower case letters on the back. Apples, balloons, a cookie and a dog focus on beginning sounds for each letter of the alphabet. Children can master letter identification, alphabet sequencing and sound matching skills. E-Z as ABC includes 7 skill building games in all.

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