Dr. Toy: Basics are Better

Its hard not to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of new childrens toys and products in the marketplace. You have more to consider then ever before. Before you get overwhelmed consider the importance of basics. What did you enjoy playing with as a child? Your child will enjoy those toys too. While you search for the new toys keep in mind the ones you still remember years later. Do you remember the fun of playing with Etch-A-Sketch, Slinky, or a YoYo? I can still recall the fun of trying to get all the Jacks up on one bounce.Do you recall Mr.and Mrs. Potato Head, Tinkertoys, Erector sets and Lionel trains? Can you still swing a Hula Hoop? Use a Jump Rope? Pick up sticks? These are just a few basic toys to make part of your childs Toy Hit Parade. What makes a toy a classic? What qualities endure? Teddy bears never go out of style. They grow with the child. Beautiful dolls come in all sizes,colors and styles to last a lifetime. Puppets are great fun plus help your children communicate. Books are essential to open up a world of possibilities. Marbles develop enduring skills. Chess and checkers improve logic. Bubble pipes are always fun especially at bath time. Beanbags can be tossed on a rainy day. Board games, blocks and Slinky never lose. So while you feel pressured to buy the newest, shiniest most impressive new products remember your child always benefits from basics. Your child will, as mine did, enjoy hearing about the fun you had with a toy. They want to hear about your electric train and the model town layout you and your father built. Your child will want to imagine the doll you cherished. When you recall how you felt about your toy friends it is easy to understand the special place toys have in your childs life. Take time with your child to visit a local antique toy show. Enjoy the magic of yesterdays toys. Play is a tradition never out of date.

Lets play!

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