Dr. Toy: Travel Fun

On your last plane ride was there a child crying or restlessly pushing on the seat behind you? Before you take a trip prepare ahead to avoid upsetting other passengers or yourself. Create a " Travel Fun Bag " for your child. Inside put a selection of a notebook, coloring book, a box of crayons, washable markers, a stamp set and pad, one or two hand held games, a tape recorder and tapes, travel game pad, a couple of books, an assortment of Legos, a couple of hand puppets, a travel Etch-A-Sketch, maps and any other small favorite toy.

Other great products to consider for travel fun are:

  • Cultural Toys- Soft Baby Blocks (3 mos.- 24 mos./$7.99) soft and squeezable fun
  • Learning Curve Toys- Lamaze Inchworm (3 mos.-24 mos./$14.99)soft sounds puppet
  • Colorforms- Color N Play (3-5 /$4.99) alphabet cards to color and learn.
  • Duncan- Pictagons (5-12/$12) interlocking hexagon shapes.
  • Audio tapes by Educational Activities, Pearce-Evetts, RockN Learn and Spizziri Publishing offer good listening, fun and learning.
  • Hands On Toys - Toobers & Zots (3-7-$29.95) colorful bendable tubes.
  • Hero Arts - rubber stamps- decorate letters to grandma and stories
  • TopLine Toys - Squeezles (5-10/$$9.95) creative paper puppet craft project
  • Yes! Entertainment Nick Puzzlers (8-14/ $19.99) Hand held games for playful learning.

The child's attention span is not long, but these products will offer activities to absorb their attention and encourage them to be creative, good travelers much to the relief of everyone else.

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