Dr. Toy - The Right Stuff for Toddlers

Toddlers actively explore their world and want to touch, smell and taste everything. Watch carefully and child proof the playspace. This is a great time for lots of good, safe toys and varied play experiences.

The right toys help your toddler learn about color, shape, size and weight. Constantly checking things out, play will help them develop strong muscles and minds. With blocks they gain small muscle strength and counting skills. Its fun to build up, take down, and rebuild.

The toddler enjoys a soft doll, pail, shovel, push-pull toy, jack-in-the- box, bubble pipe, pounding set, ring stack, puzzle, pounding set, books and tapes. Toddlers love to play with household objects such as plastic dishes, pots, pans and cups. A small broom will give him a chance to sweep. When selecting toys consider durability. How long will the toy last under toddler testing? Is it childproof? A product should be long-lasting, substantial and made of good, strong materials.

Stuffed toys must be hygienic, washable, and with no fluff the child could pull off and put into her mouth. Protect child from small parts or anything tiny that could cause choking. All products must be non-toxic. Look at toys by Applause, Fisher-Price, Playskool, Discovery Toys, Colorforms and Todays Kids.

The toddler plays with or near other children, at his or her own pace. Contact with other children is important so playgroups are great. Observe how the child interacts with people and objects. This is the time to build self- esteem. As we observe the child notice the way he feels about himself affects his physical, emotional, and mental growth.

Lets play!

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